1. Bugs

Bug #37215 [n|+ |  ] [emacs] [PATCH] vc-cvs-ignore writes absolute filenames and duplicate strings
Bug #39452 [n|+ |  ] [emacs] [PATCH] vc-git-state fails for filenames with wildcards
Bug #39502 [n|+ |  ] [emacs] [PATCH] Use one src status -a call for vc-src-dir-status-files

Bug #37182 [n|  |  ] [emacs] 24.5; 24.5.1: C-u vc-dir-mark-all-files should not mark directories
Bug #37189 [n|  |  ] [emacs] 25.4.1: vc-hg-ignore implementation is missing
Bug #39380 [n|  |  ] [emacs] 26.3: Opening files in vc-dir-mode with differing root and working dir fails

Bug #37185 [n|  |♲ ] [emacs] 24.5.1: vc--add-line, vc--remove-regexp are sub-optimal
Bug #37214 [n|F+|☺♲] [emacs] [PATCH] vc-svn error messages are used as ignore list
Bug #37216 [n|F+|☺♲] [emacs] [PATCH] vc-svn-ignore sets incorrect properties for relative filenames
Bug #37217 [n|F+|☺♲] [emacs] [PATCH] vc-default-ignore implementation is incorrect
Bug #37240 [n|F+|☺♲] [emacs] [PATCH] Provide facility to ignore all marked files

2. Reported

Bug Patch Clone Branch Log summary
    emacs master Clarify meaning of <filename> in test/README
37182 0001-Do-not-mark-directories-in-vc-dir-mark-all-files.patch emacs-vc-dir-1 fix-vc-dir-mark-all-files Do not mark directories in vc-dir-mark-all-files
37189 0001-Provide-vc-hg-ignore-to-make-vc-ignore-work-correct.patch emacs-vc-hg-1 fix-vc-hg-ignore Provide vc-hg-ignore to make vc-ignore work correctly
37215 0001-Do-not-write-absolute-filenames-and-duplicate-string.patch emacs-vc-cvs-1 fix-vc-cvs-ignore Do not write absolute filenames and duplicate strings into .cvsignore

3. Closed

Bug Patch Clone Branch Log summary
37185 0001-vc-add-line-vc-remove-regexp-enhanced.patch emacs-vc-1 fix-vc-add-line vc–add-line, vc–remove-regexp enhanced
37214 0001-Do-not-use-error-messages-as-list-of-ignored-files.patch emacs-vc-svn-2 fix-vc-svn-ignore-error Do not use error messages as list of ignored files
37216 0001-Set-correct-svn-ignore-property-for-relative-filenam.patch emacs-vc-svn-3 fix-vc-svn-ignore Set correct svn:ignore property for relative filenames
37217 0001-Fix-vc-default-ignore.patch emacs-vc-2 fix-vc-default-ignore Fix vc-default-ignore
37240 0001-Provide-facility-to-ignore-all-marked-files.patch emacs-vc-3 feature-ignore-marked-files Provide facility to ignore all marked files