DOGgy style Rants

Stubborn Rants To Be Replaced By Enlightenment

Author: Wolfgang Scherer



I am desperately seeking enlightenment on the matters in this pamphlet.

As long, as I have not found enlightenment, the following decision problem nests in my mind:

Am I clumsy or clever, or am I clever when I'm clumsy?

Lemma: In DOGgy style programming this is known as the tail-chasing problem, defined as the deeper significance of the statement "Like a dog chasing its own tail!"

This causes me to start ranting, which for an external entity may seem as if I am arguing with somebody else. However, the rant is just an expression of the schizoid state of my mind, caused by the inapplicable method that I am still trying to apply to deal with the problem:

I am asking myself for the answer to a question, that I do not have the answer for. And then I get annoyed by myself ;-).

Be assured, that as soon as I talk to a real person, the problem really goes away. Either it is the right person to talk to or not. If not, then they usually tell me so, and there is no rant.

However, I keep forgetting the right way to go about it and inescapably find myself ranting -- again.

So I am trying to break the cycle by putting the rants here, with a preface that is supposed to remind myself, why this is the right place to put that stuff.

Right or Wrong, Clumsy or Clever

It' not about right or wrong, It's about clumsy or clever.

I always think, that I start out on the clumsy side of a task (since I don't know anything yet), proceeding to the clever side, and sometimes finding, that clever is way too much effort and therefore, in this special case, clumsy is really more clever. Which gives rise to the conclusion that contrary to my initial assumption, I was clever to begin with -- I just did not know about it. And therefore, it was really dumb to assume that I was dumb.

In case, you did not recognize it, this is another instance of the self-referential statement "I know, that I cannot know". I hope, it illustrates the way of loopy thinking I usually end up with. My thought processes are just not linear enough.


[PW]Possible Worlds (internet), Possible Worlds
[ML]modal logic
[someone]Someone, F. Sure, Something, Somewhere Sometime


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